Sunday, November 30, 2008


It's been a whirlwind last few days and it ends on a high note with Kristen's birthday party - pizza, cake and some great friends/family (we missed you Grammy Beck!). I found this cake idea when I was googling for such. It's from and it's called the groovy jeans cake, although we opted to make our groovy jeans pink instead of their blue. It was simple but very cute and she really liked it. I'm not sure if my favorite part is the fruit roll-up belt or the rock candy rhinestones. Way too many presents and she's already been into her new Barbie markers to color her cuttlebug jr. alphabet cutouts she made as well as played with her Barbie laptop. She's set with lots of crafts to do between now and Christmas (and then some!). She's going to love doing the projects that everyone got for her!


Briley said...

You just couldn't stand to do the simple pink cake your daughter asked for! Although, I do have to say that that cake rocks!

Glad to hear that Kristen was well spoiled with gifts that will fuel her creativity.

Happy House Quilts said...

Where did you find the rock candy??? You are amazing...I SO wish I could help you with your mom, the kids, life or your craft shows...but life is good, the kids are healthy and your mom and I will recover (I just know it)! And we have this day to share...a good friend like you is priceless! Hope we can slow down before or after the holidays for some stamping or crocheting...HUGS, Jodi ps, give you mom a hug for me..k?

Karen said...

Love the cake!