Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If you like to sew, you must know that from time to time mistakes are made. I believe that even the most experienced have made foolish mistakes and here I will share one of mine. I recently acquired some new pj fabric. I think it came with a curse affixed to it. I never actually purchased it because while I was preparing to cut something out of it I wanted to relish in my bargain prices for my recent stash load so I pulled out the receipt and I simply couldn't find this fabric anywhere on my slip. Hmmm . . . freebie I thought with my next thought being that maybe I should go back cuz if I don't I'm going have some bad karma. Needless to say I was ready to cut and cut away I did. I completed the pj's, posted them in my store (now in my clearance/seconds section) and even shared a pic with a co-etsyian only to relize that the construction trucks print was UPSIDEDOWN! I guess that I had thought that these trucks were all on there randomly and not all going one way?! I'm sorry, but that's some seriously poor planning from whoever designed this fabric - bastards! Needless to say, these pj's have the front and one arm w/ upside down trucks and all the rest are right side up. I guess the little guy could look down and he'll see the trucks on his belly right side up - right???
I used to dream of a walk in closet. When my husband was finishing my upstairs the one thing I was insistant on was that I wanted a walk-in closet. I honestly think that I remember show - maybe it was home improvements - the guy built his wife a shoe rack that rotated. There was a time I actually owned a ton of shoes for every possible event and now I think I might have five pair that I wear. Well, he gave me my walk-in closet and needless to say it eventually made it's way into my fleece/ebay storage unit. It never actually had racks for hanging clothes and I suppose that's just as well. I just cleaned this out a couple of nights ago - wow, it was a mess and had I really thought ahead, I would have had before and after pictures to show the difference. Although the stack of clothes might appear messy, they are really well organized! I've been a bit lax on my ebaying efforts so it will have to wait until I'm sick of looking at the pile. Needless to say, I do have a couple of other buckets stashed behind my entertainment system which I haven't pictured and then there's all my buckets IN my sewing room, but those aren't really fleece, but other STUFF.
The rolls of fabric standing up are actually my moms. I borrowed them but then couldn't really find a pattern that I thought I had plus the fabric wasn't quite what I expected and . . . well . . . they belong back in her attic . . . maybe someday my husband will take them back over if ask. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your week!

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