Monday, November 10, 2008


Both of my new machines have been pulled from their boxes and I've packed away the huskylock. I've given the the new Juki 734DE a test run and all seems well. I have some attachments but I probably won't try any of those out until after the holidays. I don't like to mess with things when I feel pressed for time. That being said, I still decided to give the coverstitch machine a whirl. That too has 5 different attachments, but please don't ask me what they all are yet since I'm not even really sure. I've figured out the different ways you can thread it (I think) and what I mean by that is that it just depends if you want a wide or a narrow coverstitch and if you want two or threee needles threads. It's really like a serger but it doesn't cut. On the Brother 23440cv it's a bit different not having an autothread release which means that the needles threads don't release when you lift the presser foot. One might think that this is not a big deal until you try it and you realize what a pain it is to release them. I did find a tutorial that in my humble opinion will certainly make it a wee bit less cumbersome once I get used to doing it. Sew, if you too are wondering how to remove your fabric from your new brother 2340cv without feeling like you need to be an octopus, vist You'll find this blog most helpful! Also, I've found so many helpful people at I'm feeling good about my choices so let's hope it stays that way!


Briley said...

I can't believe you can wait to figure out all the gadgets! Actually, I can't believe you waited to set these up. I would have ripped them open before the UPS guy had let go of the box!

I hope you enjoy them.


ya, well, i'm a bit intimidated and overwhelmed. i did try out a couple of the attachments the other day very very briefly. this is going to be interesting is all i can say!