Friday, November 28, 2008


Big turkey, small group for the Therrien household. The inlaws shared the day with us which was great and my dad came solo. I invited my grandparents as well trying to convince my nana that it would be great and I was cooking this big bird and her response was "Kimmy, I've got a bird for you!" to which we both laughed. That's my nana for ya! Unfortunately, my mother had some insane, lame-ass excuse (ha, ha) of having emergency eye surgery on Tuesday and she's to lay on her side for one week to allow the surgery to hopefully do it's thing. Apparently she was having some issues with floaters??? I dunno . . . google it . . .
"Eye Floaters can have devastating visual and emotional consequences. All too often, doctors dismiss patients' symptoms as unimportant or natural. Patients often describe floaters as seeing bugs, strings, or unusual dark shapes in their vision."
Anywhoo . . . the floaters disappeared but then she was having trouble with a film over her eye and come to find out she had a detached retna and was pretty much blind in that eye - yikes! Hence the need for emergency surgery. This totally blows for so many reasons I just can't even explain but most of all because my mother is my family's rock and the rock has become a little loose. Anyone who knows my mother knows that trying to stay still is not an easy task for her. I think that she would have been proud of my thanksgiving feast even if my gravy did come out of a can. I'm sad that she isn't feeling well and I'm sad that she missed thanksgiving and I'm sad that she won't make Kristen's birthday but it's so much more important that she do what she's supposed to do and LAY DOWN DAMMIT!
Kristen's birthday is Sunday and she turns 5. She's sooooooo excited! I was looking for cake ideas because she was just being too simple (ya, call me stupid!). I found this really cool idea for making a cake to look like jeans. They did theirs in blue but I'm toying w/ pink sparkly pants?? I'll blog about it. It's really not too hard. The hardest part is that I have a craft fair on Saturday and I'm working Saturday night and I've gotta pick up some of my crafts from the Sawyer's house Sunday night. Never a dull moment I guess! Oh and my husband is working tonight (Friday) so he's done all he can do for the moment of helping but my children have graciously agreed to help me on Saturday.

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Chris said...

sooooo Kim.... what words did Princess Kristen use to describe her new machine? ha ha ha Great cake! CLG