Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, those that know me well know that my husband was laid off so I began working extra nights to bring additional funds into the household. This presents a whole slew of infringement issues with my crafting & computer time for more reasons than I'll get into right now. I'm pleased to report that my husband found a fantastic job and he's now working several overnight shifts a week so it leaves me some alone time after the kids are in bed! Well, I've got a lot of catching up to do! I thought maybe I'd post tonight with some projects I've been able to do recently, including my last post which was a new Jalie pattern that I tried and I wrote my first pattern review. Yeah me! Brief notes on projects . . . flip flop bag was a gift for one of my nieces, the small purse was just a first effort at a new pattern, the hats I started after a friends recent diagnosis with breast cancer and thought I might try to sell them but maybe not?? (her blog totally rocks so check it out, the swimsuit was for the queen and believe it or not I got another two-piece completed out the same 1/2 yard of remnant fabric (now that's some creative cutting!), and the pink diaper bag was put up at Etsy. I think I even came across an incomplete knit dress on my sewing table last week and finished that w/out directions and I think I'm going to just use it as a beach cover-up, but don't have a pic of that. Oh yes, then there's Kristen's blue butterfly outfit where I made my own cording. That was fun (ha, ha)! And Matty's 8th birthday where he HAD to have a turtwig cake. Last year it was a pokemon cake - turtwig is just another character. I was so worried he wouldn't even know what it was but he was thrilled with it. Sorry that my blog has been so uneventful! I'll try to do better but I make no promises!