Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Maybe it's a winter hat your in need of or maybe it's a special project like this altered clothing (still a work in progress and not yet complete)? Either way, I do take a limited amount of special orders. Maybe you like the hat you see but want it in a different color or don't want the mittens? It doesn't hurt to ask! With the hats, it helps to have a head measurement, but if not, I'll wing it based on age. I use primarly fleece from Malden Mills which is the same quality that is being used by high end retailers such as LL Bean and Lands End. I also make toddler pj's in both knit and fleece fabrics. Occasionally, I might use something other than Malden Mills polar fleece, so if you're wondering about a particular item, just ask. I purchased some large quantities of microfleece from Joann's last year and made some pj's for both of my kids and they washed and wore GREAT and the microfleece was very soft and cozy. They outgrew them before they wore out. This isn't Walmart so you're not going to get them for $5, but my prices are reasonable for the quality you're getting. I also use quality threads and in my pj's I tend to serge them with wooly nylon in the loopers which is very soft against the skin. I have some repeat customers, like the woman who ordered these altered clothing halloween outfits. She picked the fabric and mailed the stuff to me! Her girls will match in the pumpkin patch, but they won't match everyone else's store-bought outfits. As always, thanks for visiting and peer in at when you've got some free time!


PurpleDaisies said...

Hope you don't mind, but you've been tagged by me!!
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Happy House Quilts said...

These are lovely! Too cute!