Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hunter green or navy blue with a sharp contrast of taxi yellow! These are great hats for your little dinosaur. My son LOVED the one his grammy made him! These hats are just fun but they'll definitely keep the heads warm too. You can have different two differnt colors for the ridge or keep it as one. I'm thinking of doing some girly ones too just to see if they'll sell. You can purchase just the hat or have them as a set. I haven't yet decided on the price but for a set I'm thinking $16 and if you want to leave your thoughts on my price point via a comment, I'm certainly open for suggestions! Thanks for visiting and I can't wait to put up my periwinkle hat, mitten scarf set, but that probably won't be until next week as there is some handwork involved in that! For those that know me, you know how much I love that handwork! (ha, ha) Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I just had these incredible clay buttons made for me to use on my hats. They were made by Polpette Clay and you should check her out at Etsy Her work is great, her spirit incredible and please tell her that I sent you! I only hope that my work will do her buttons justice! I will post those pics in the next couple of weeks as I haven't received the buttons yet.

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Bonny said...

These are SO adorable! Dinosaurs are always a huge hit and any kid would love these (price point is right on the mark, btw!)