Friday, September 14, 2007


I had to add a quick little something about my kids. My little muffin Kristen will be 4 on November 30th and she started a 2 day preschool class this year. She loves it and do does mom! Matthew is 7 and he started 2nd grade. He's doing o.k. after rough start w/ a cold that blocked up his ears and he couldn't hear and threw off his balance so he bonked himself on a soccer goal post. Of course, even w/out the blocked ears he managed to get kicked in the eye from a girl on the swings who he claims lost her shoe and he was helping her recover it??? 2nd grade chivalry?? 2 calls from the nurse already???? yikes!

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Bonny said...

Your kids are adorable! and to think, they say that chivalry is dead - LOL - hopefully 2 calls from the school nurse is your limit for the year!