Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, those that know me well know that my husband was laid off so I began working extra nights to bring additional funds into the household. This presents a whole slew of infringement issues with my crafting & computer time for more reasons than I'll get into right now. I'm pleased to report that my husband found a fantastic job and he's now working several overnight shifts a week so it leaves me some alone time after the kids are in bed! Well, I've got a lot of catching up to do! I thought maybe I'd post tonight with some projects I've been able to do recently, including my last post which was a new Jalie pattern that I tried and I wrote my first pattern review. Yeah me! Brief notes on projects . . . flip flop bag was a gift for one of my nieces, the small purse was just a first effort at a new pattern, the hats I started after a friends recent diagnosis with breast cancer and thought I might try to sell them but maybe not?? (her blog totally rocks so check it out, the swimsuit was for the queen and believe it or not I got another two-piece completed out the same 1/2 yard of remnant fabric (now that's some creative cutting!), and the pink diaper bag was put up at Etsy. I think I even came across an incomplete knit dress on my sewing table last week and finished that w/out directions and I think I'm going to just use it as a beach cover-up, but don't have a pic of that. Oh yes, then there's Kristen's blue butterfly outfit where I made my own cording. That was fun (ha, ha)! And Matty's 8th birthday where he HAD to have a turtwig cake. Last year it was a pokemon cake - turtwig is just another character. I was so worried he wouldn't even know what it was but he was thrilled with it. Sorry that my blog has been so uneventful! I'll try to do better but I make no promises!


Happy House Quilts said...

you rock...i love that color on kristen...the coral/terracotta color...we should do a group modeling session and i can wear the brown one...i think you need to sell these...i'm in love with the fit how snug it is...i wore the fushia one all afternoon and almost forgot to take it off...when you (really me) loose your's a feeling of overwhelming are vulnerable in ways you never imagined..your caps mean so much 'cuz it's like a Kim hug all day...protecting me, sheilding me, and holding me together to get through the day...I love you for that...{{{hugs}}}
I'm so blessed to have you as a friend!

Happy House Quilts said...

you won an award,
come see