Monday, May 5, 2008


I realize I'm waaaaaaay overdue with my blogging but I really haven't been just dilly-dallying either. I was so excited recently to receive a pajama order from one of my previous customers. Repeat orders are the best and just soooo much fun! I just tried to load a slideshow, but can't get it to work, so i'll have to add pics of the pj's later. Here's a quick sample!

Also, just recently placed and received a spectacular order from! I was very surprised to see the tall box, but then i realized how they had to pack the laminated fabric. Hmmm . . . checked it out and it's not quite the weight I'd anticipated so not sure how I feel about keeping that. The order includes some new knit fabrics for pj's as well as some Amy Butler and Michael Miller prints - yeah!!!

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