Saturday, February 2, 2008


I've listed some dresses on both my Etsy site and on Ebay. My Ebay username is shepherdx2 but here's a link to one of my listings which ends on 2/3/08 My preference would be to sell them off my Etsy site, but at this point, I'll work it both ways and see how it goes. I haven't listed any ties yet, but I do have one or two cut from last year. They're a bit more challenging to make than what one might expect - it's turning them that drives me nuts since I don't have one of those Fasturn tube turner thingys. Last year I think I sold somewhere between 35 and 40 dresses on Ebay and I'm very anxious to see if any of them turn up as a resale! Yes, I'm sad that my products don't have a nice label in them so nobody will know it's a Deedaloos, but I'll be excited nonetheless just to see them. I've also entertained the idea of making matching outfits for dolls. Apparently those American Girl dolls might like to have matching outfits to their owners?? Can't say that I know much about that, but I have some patterns so if someone were dying for it, I can probably work that out. Thanks for visiting my blog and may the luck of the Irish be with you!